Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Warhammer 101 (Armies Fantasy Flavor) Vampire Counts

Vampire Counts

Crazy Guy here to write about another army article.  This time I will talk about the Warhammer Fantasy army Vampire Counts

Fun Fact, Games Workshop released the Vampire Counts army around the same time as the second to last Twilight movie.  Did GW do this to benefit from the popularity of the Twilight films?

One quick read of the Vampire Counts book will tell you this isn't the case. 

Let me write the Twilight saga if Edward (I cry that I know that) was a Warhammer vampire...

Bella walked to school.  She didn't much like the cold cloudy weather that assailed her as she made the short journey from her dad's house to the brick building that was her new school.  Although she wasn't thrilled with starting a new school she hoped her new classmates were decent.  Teenagers could be nasty if they wanted to be. 

Suddenly a darkness descended, a snaking black cloud to be precise, fell upon the school.  Screams could be heard, carried as it was, on the fell wind.

A figure emerged from the dark cloud, a pale figure on a monstrous dragon. 

Bella locked eyes with the man.  He is so dreamy she thought. 

The dragon descended opening its maw as it did so and swallowed Bella whole. 

The end

Warhammer Vampires are not broody emo guys.  They want to destroy the world with dark magic.

If you start a Vampire Counts you will have:

The worst troops (statistically speaking) in the game

Elite troops that are more expensive than other armies

Powerful, yet vulnerable, leaders

So why would you want to play this army?  Well beyond controlling an army of horror movie monsters yours is the only army (well, except Tomb Kings but they are also undead) that can get your troops back. 

Skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wights, whatever can be summoned back to the battlefield using Necromantic magic.  You will lose a lot of models, but unlike other armies you can get those guys back.

The army is considered a solidly mid range list.  You will be able to compete and be successful.  The range is largely new so you will not have to worry about new models replacing the models you just bought. 

Older kits that COULD be replaced soon include vampire bats, Blood Knights, the Black Coach, bat swarms, but that's about it.

Painting is pretty easy, kits are nice.

Be aware that a Vampire Counts army is MORE expensive then the average army.  Why?  Since you can summon models back and add models to your units that weren't originally purchased for the army you will need extra models.  Games Workshop's rule is once you don't have any more models left then you can't summon anymore. 

A note on Zombies:

I'll leave you with this, if you want to play this army and you don't play in an officially marked GW store, you may want to look into alternative companies for zombie models.  Mantic games makes a good set as does reaper miniatures.  The GW zombie kit is a weaker kit and isn't likely to get replaced anytime soon.  Just FYI.

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