Monday, June 10, 2013

Crazy Gamer's Final Draft Warhammer Fantasy Tournament list

This weekend marks the big Warhammer Fantasy Tournament.  Here is my list!

2500pts- Empire

General of the Empire: General, full plate armor, shield, lance, Charmed Shield, barded warhorse- 140pts

Good leader, below average fighter, but his Hold the Line special rule (his unit takes leadership tests of 3d6 and picks the two lowest) is too good to pass up. 

Battle Wizard Lord: Dispel Scroll, Lore of Life- 190pts

A cheap and effective battle wizard, the spell Lifeblood, will be the lifeblood for keeping my infantry alive.

Witch Hunter: light armor, great weapon, brace of pistols- 60pts

Captain of the Empire- full plate armor, shield, lance, battle standard bearer, barded warhorse- 116pts

Keeps the lads in the fight.  No thrills. 

Captain of the Empire: full plate armor, shield, pistol, Talisman of Endurance, Sword of Might- 123pts

Acts as a second general for the foot soldiers.  He also has hold the line and his high initiative will help the always striking last greatswords early in combats.

Battle Wizard: Scroll of Shielding, lore of light- 80pts

Spells have extra oomph against undead and daemons.

10 Empire Knights, full command- 250pts

6 Empire Knights, full command- 162pts

6 Empire Knights, champion, and musician- 152pts

Together these are the "door," that will be slammed on the enemy.  Foot troops thin the enemy down and these guys clean up.

16 Imperial Crossbowmen, marksman, detachment of 8 handgunners- 226pts

30 Greatswords, full command, Banner of Discipline, detachment 16 spearmen, detachment 15 swordsmen- 587pts

The anvil as the greatswords and its detachments are stubborn at leadership 9 with the "hold the line," rule allowing me throw away the highest dice in a leadership test.  They go after the biggest nastiest unit the enemy has and hold them in place for the cavalry to arrive.

8 Pistoliers, marksman, musician, repeater pistol- 174pts

These guys sneak around the flank and pummel anything in their way with hot lead.  They don't shoot very well, but 18 strength 4 armor piercing shots are hard to argue with.  It is important to note that these guys are the only unit in the Empire list that are both highly mobile and  hard hitting shooters. 

Luminark of Hysh- 120pts

Every army should have one of these!  I haven't seen too many of these on the field though I don't know why, it gives a 6+ ward save to everything within six inches and it adds one dice to your dispel pool.  Oh and let's us not forget that it can fire a strength 8 bolt of light that shoots like a cannon and rerolls failed wounds against the forces of darkness oh and does d6 wounds!  Come here Mr. Bloodthirster, I've got a little present for you!

Great Cannon- 120pts

This thing loves monstrous infantry and monstrous cavalry.  One of them accounted for 6 ogres, and 10 ogre thunderers in one game (who made the bad decision to occupy a building).


Check out pictures on Sunday!

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