Sunday, April 7, 2013

High Elf wishlist part 3

Hello again my fellow gamers!  Crazy Gamer here to give you some stodgy prose about my wishlist for the High Elves.  Today I will talk Special units, Rare units and special characters, let's dive in! 

Well, actually not yet... I forgot to mention that I'm not discussing "new," units such as the Phoenix (a new monster for the High Elves that is floating around the Internet and is coming) but only pre established units.  Got that?  Good.

Special units: 

Shadow Warriors: Let's bump their ballistic skill up to five and keep their points the same. 

Tiranoc chariot: Raise the weapon skill of the crew to five, they are elite after all.  Points down to 80.

Lion chariot: Same


Repeater Bolt Thrower:  Can we get a third crew member please?  Drop points cost to 85pts.

Dragon Mage:  A cool idea, but doesn't see much table time.  If he goes to the rare spot and becomes a unit and not character (therefore he uses the dragon's toughness) he will become more popular. 

Special Characters:

I assume that all the current characters will return.  I'd love to see Belennear (sp?) the Wise return.  I wouldn't cry if the Everqueen and Imrik also made an appearance. 

We won't have long to wait!  My guess is we will see the High Elf pre orders the last Saturday in April. 

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