Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What Crazy Gamer wants from the High Elves

You might be expecting that I will yell at Games Workshop about their Tau screw up, but I've seen plenty of hate posts on that already.

Instead I want to discuss what I would love to see with the new High Elves.

For those not in the know, High Elves are going to be the next Warhammer Fantasy army to be released.  A week ago some pictures were leaked online from an official Games Workshop Facebook page so it's pretty much guaranteed the Asur are up for release next.

My first Warhammer Army way back in the dark ages were the High Elves.  Today I mostly play Empire, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the arrogant pointy ears.  The last few army books have... well... um... let's just say I didn't care for them. 

So what would I like?  I'm glad you asked, I'm going to tell you.

Rules changes:

First, I want them to get rid of the Always Strike First special rule.  Why are High Elves faster than other elves?  It's a lazy rule designed to fix the inherent weakness of the army.  Let's find some more creative fixes.

Next, lets look at the High Elf core units.  Now, my philosophy is that close combat troops rely on weapon skill, strength, toughness, initiative, and attacks.  Therefore only those stats really matter when determining how many points they cost.  Missile troops however are dependent on only ballistic skill and the missile weapon they are equipped.  Why am I discussing this?  It'll make sense when I talk about archers and Lothern Sea Guard. 

Spear Elves: Equip with light armor and shield standard for 8pts.  Should have an option for heavy armor for 3pts.  Spear elves need to have an option for heavy armor, but I want to make the option one players really need to think about.  If heavy armor is only 1 or 2 points then it will just become the norm and should just be included automatically.  Stat line can stay the same.  I'm indifferent whether or not spear elves have the martial skill rule or not. 

Archers:  Same stat line, long bow equipped should be 8pts.  I would actually lower the cost to 6pts but Empire archers are 7pts and High Elves have a better ballistic skill.  Games Workshop has long over-valued the long bow.  I think their rationale has been that bows can move and fire while crossbows and handguns can't.  This might be okay in the hands of more flexible troops (like Lothern Sea Guard) but the archers need to stay far away from combat so the value of being able to move and shoot is less appealing.

Sea Guard:  Same stat line, light armor, shield, and bow standard, should be 12pts.  They should not be given the option of heavy armor.  Heavy armor and boats do not mix.

Silver Helms:  These should be move to core.  Same stat line as is current with light armor and lance, riding on a barded steed for 17pts.  I want players to be able to configure their silver helms for their own needs.  Options are heavy armor for 3pts, shields for 1pt.  This means fully decked out silver helms are 21pts.  Empire knights are 22pts with the same weapon skill, strength, toughness, attacks, and leadership.  Silver Helms are faster both in terms of movement (8 inches instead of 7) and initiative.  However, Empire knights have a better armor save so it's a fair trade off.

Reaver Knights:  These guys should also be moved to core.  Same stats, with bow, spear, and light armor as standard.  Should cost 18pts. 

I've gotten rather long winded so you will need to wait until tomorrow for my take on special and rare units but I will address characters.

I would keep the current character stat lines.  I would reduce all the combat characters price by 20pts for lords and 15pts for heroes.

I know I won't get this one, but the toughness 3 combat characters is silly.  A goblin is toughness 4, a scrawny skaven is toughness 4 why can't an elf combat character be toughness 4. 

Goblin character: Toughness 4

Elf character: Toughness 3

Doesn't make sense to me.

See you next time!

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