Thursday, September 6, 2012

The True General Challange

You are the champion of the world! 
Are you?

Anyone who has been a fan of Warhammer and/or Warhammer 40,000 (from here on Fantasy and 40k respectively) knows that tournaments are very popular.
And why shouldn’t they be?
These games are about winning aren’t they?
For months you’ve slaved away, scouring the forums for the perfect list, buying the models, assembling them, and then you no doubt spent countless hours painting each one so that they are all works of art.

Now you want to lead them into righteous battle against all comers, kicking each in the teeth on your quest to the top.
Now you’ve won!

You stand in front of cheering crowds, drinking in their adulation.  You are a modern day Napoléon!
Oh, you don’t like French people…

Okay you’re a modern day Caesar, or Alexander the Great, perhaps you’re Hannibal reborn.  Genghis Khan, William the Conqueror, and the Duke of Marlborough wish that they were half as awesome as you are!

Compared to you Patton was a halfwit!
Or not

I like tournaments.  They are a great opportunity to meet cool new people and talk about and partake in a great hobby.  But every now and then I come across players that get a bit too wrapped up in how awesome they are at the game.
Don’t get me wrong; they are awesome at list manipulation, they are not great generals.
Imagine what Napoleon could have done if he could pick his forces.  Would Waterloo been different if he had 75,000 Old Guard? 
What if Lee could take a special character that gave him access to highly trained soldiers with high end equipment in 1862?
But that isn’t the way it works.  A great general has to do the best he can with what he’s got. 

A challenge!

Maybe you are a great general, but I need you to prove it.
A friend of mine placed fifth in a Warhammer Tournament playing an Empire army at 2500 points that had
No artillery
No unit with more than 36 models (and only 1 that large)
No monsters
No wizard lord
No war altar
No inner circle knights
Yet he still won 3 tied 1 and lost one.

So I dare you.  Play a fluffy army!

Space Marine 2000pt list
Try this
1 Captain (equipment your choice)
3 10 man tactical squads (weapon options are your choice) in rhinos
1 10 man scout squad
10 man assault squad
10 man devastator squad
This brings you depending on equipment to about 1400pts
The rest of the points you can do with what you will but!
No more than 1 elite, 1 more fast attack, and 1 more heavy

Will you accept the challenge to be a great general? 

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