Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fantasy Vs 40k part 3

Today I bestow upon you part three of "Why I prefer Fantasy to 40k," I present to you my third reason. 

The Internet.

The Internet is no longer a new thing.  Everyone, even my grandfather who doesn't even own a computer is on the Internet.

So why is the Internet listed as my third reason for preferring Fantasy to 40k? 


Theoryhammer, army lists websites, blogs about winning, etc... these things have exploded with the advent of the Internet.

And these are not good things... to the degree that they are common in today's game. 

I'm going to take you on a trip.  Don't worry, you don't have to pack any bags or even get your toothbrush ready.  This is a trip through time, I'm taking you back to 1985...er... sorry, I'm taking you back to 1995.

"But Crazy Guy the Internet was around in 1995!"

You are quite correct, it was but guess what?  In our trip back to 1995 if you go around talking about Blogs people will look out you like you're crazy.  We had chat rooms in 95 and the gaming community wasn't anywhere near as advanced. 

So where was I?

Oh yeah; 1995!

So back in 95 we would go to a game store, find an opponent, and play a game.  Afterwards you would talk with your opponent  and your buds.  You would talk tactics, painting, perhaps if you were a cool kid you might even talk about some ladies.

That was as far as it went. 

Every group had their dynamic, their tactics, and their hierarchy.

Now that information is shared across fiber optics and spread around the world.

Why is that bad?

It isn't, at least not necessarily. 

The problem lies in people trolling websites to find the latest killer list, killer tactics, and whatever else.

Now we have terms for army lists

I don't play Blood Angels we have DOA or 3++

No Grey Knights rather Dragowing

Back in 4th Edition we had Nidzilla


The list goes on and is ever growing.

Nobody explores on their own anymore.  No one discovers their own tactics.  The game stagnates because in their desire to win many players will only try what they read is successful on the Internet.  To me that is sad.

Warhammer has less of this.  Therefore I prefer Fantasy more than 40k.

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