Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fantasy vs. 40k round 2

You thought that I forgot didn't you?  Well I haven't!

Last time on "Why I prefer Fantasy to 40k," I discussed the prevalence of Space Marine armies and the lack of variety in gaming that entails.

Today I will move on to my second point as to why I prefer Fantasy to 40k: Cost

40k is cheaper to get into than fantasy.  Generally a 1500pt (common point level for a game) 40k army will contain 45-60 models while a 2000pt (common point level for a game) Fantasy army will have between 75-100 models.  Obviously more models = more money.

But crazy guy, how could cheaper not be better?  I'm so glad you asked.  Thank you; if you didn't ask these questions then this blog would be grind to a halt. 

In order to answer this question let me tell you a story about a gamer that we all know.  Let's call him Hobart.  Hobart shows up to his favorite gaming establishment every week ready to game.  We know he's ready to game because he has a brand new army list that he found from the bestest tournament website.  He is ready to kick your ass, but the army that faces you is unpainted, with five models from his abandoned 3++ army and his big tank is a Tervigon that he really liked from the Tyranid army that he sold two years ago. 

Next week Hobart will have another new army.

Then another.

And another.

Until he one day discovers the "Perfect List," or gives up the game as unfair.

This isn't to say that there aren't any Hobarts in Fantasy, but they are fewer and farther between. 

I prefer to play against painted armies.  Now I have NO problems with new gamers and gamers that have new armies so long as progress gets made in completing it.  Also, I do understand that sometimes not all armies are for everyone and sometimes you need to move on from an army that does not mesh with your style.  You should be allowed to change your army, you should be able to try new units, new combinations, but completely new armies every week or every month is a bit much. 

The fact that Fantasy armies require more time and money and thus (at least in my mind) more commitment means that players who change armies more often than underwear are less frequent.

Also, in Fantasy their are fewer Internet sites devoted to "cool (read) killer army lists."  Which transitions ever so nicely into part 3 of why I prefer Fantasy to 40k: The Internet.

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