Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My favorite Final Fantasy Games

My Opinions

Crazy gamer ranks his favorite Final Fantasy games:

1.        Final Fantasy VI- Best in the series in my opinion.  Great characters, villains, and plot.

2.        Final Fantasy IV- The start of story based Final Fantasy, it started out great!

3.        Final Fantasy VII- I feel it is very slightly overrated but still great.

4.        Final Fantasy V- A step back from Final Fantasy IV in terms of cast and story, but damn it if it wasn’t fun to learn all the different jobs

5.       Final Fantasy IX- The character design was…interesting, but despite their flaws they were interesting.  Besides who couldn’t love Vivi?

6.       Final Fantasy- The original.  In the 80’s it was awesome and the start of great things to come.

7.       Final Fantasy X- Many will boo and hiss me for ranking it this low.  I really enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong.  I just liked the others better. 

8.       Final Fantasy XIII- I liked the battle system more than I thought I would and I didn’t find Snow or Hope as annoying as most. 

9.       Final Fantasy VIII- I liked the story, I just had a difficult time when it came to the battle system.  It took forever for some attacks to go through.

10.   Final Fantasy III- Not as good as Final Fantasy V in terms of jobs, but still fun.  Its old school charm on the DS remake was refreshing.

11.   Final Fantasy XII- This has my least favorite battle system and I found Vaan to be very very creepy, but you got to think Balthier was awesome!

12.   Final Fantasy II- If the experience and leveling system made any sense at all the game would be much improved.  Still, I did enjoy the game.  If you’ve never played it or have only played it a little, give the game a little love!

Not ranked:

Final Fantasy XI- I have heard many great things about the game.  I don’t like MMORPGs so I have not played it and therefore I don’t feel I am qualified to give an opinion on it.

Final Fantasy X-2- Played it, thought it was okay. 

Final Fantasy XIII-2- Played it and really enjoyed it.  In fact I liked it better than Final Fantasy XIII.  I felt that Serah and Noel were great characters and I sincerely hope that there is a Final Fantasy XIII-3 that has a party of Lightning, Serah and Noel. 

Final Fantasy XIV- I’ve never played it, and even if I got over my MMORPG dislike, it is currently so messed up I’m not sure what is going to happen to it.

A Final Opinion on the matter:

I hope Final Fantasy XIII Versus comes out.

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